Fire Marshall & Mock Drill – Advanced level

Objective: The course is aimed to develop first responders in case of fire.

Contents: The course includes detailed information on Chemistry of Fire, Fire Triangle, LEL & UEL, Static Charge & BLEVE. Classification of Fire, Causes of Fire & Reasons of fire spread will be covered. Classroom demonstration will be given to participants for Do’s & Don’ts in case of indoor & outdoor fire fighting with PASS principle.

This is a advance course which gives details on Roles & Responsibilities of Fire Marshall Team. Mock drill &Live Fire Demonstration will be conducted for hands on experience. (Supported by Videos).

Target Participants: Operating and Supervisory staff who deal with operations. Safety committee members & Security staff. Department head, and section head who oversee the area of operations.

Duration: Full Day (7.30 Hrs)

Certificate: Certificate shall be given to individual participant as a member of fire marshal team after examination.

Follow up activities : Every six monthly mock drill will be conducted to develop smooth evacuation process & to develop fire fighting technique.

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